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an asian venice of sorts

Inle Lake, Burma (Myanmar).  Easily one of the coolest places I have been to thus far.  Imagine a whole township (a big one – like the size of your suburb/district/county) … Continue reading

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the little known capital of Switzerland

Bern, the capital of Switzerland is often overlooked by those planning their itineraries of Switzerland.  This small, picturesque town is spotted with beautiful deep blue-green alpine lakes, a bear pit … Continue reading

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lakes by houses and lakes in caves

Well, I guess the Blue Grotto or La Grotta Azzurra (everything sounds better in Italian) isn’t technically a lake in a cave, but it’s still pretty cool.  I have a … Continue reading

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Snapshot: Japan

From a real life Samurai castle set in tranquil gardens in Himeji to hoards of people rushing through the busiest crossing in the world in Shibuya, Japan is truly unlike … Continue reading

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a mosque in a church in a museum

The Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey is an ancient manifestation of the co-existence of religion. As the gem that is Istanbul was passed from empire to empire, this spiritual enclave … Continue reading

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gotta love a good stupa

And plenty of beautiful stupas there are, here in the Buddhist temple of Borobudur in Jogyakarta, Indonesia. I studied Indonesian in high school and for an hour every week, we … Continue reading

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here a tori, there a tori, everywhere a tori…

Fukushima-Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan. One of my favourite temples. Perhaps it is because it brings out the many ages of what I have been and what I could be. … Continue reading

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